James Tyler Kent
Institute of Homeopathy

Kentian School of IHJTK in Rio de Janeiro.
Dedicated to Homeopathic Learning since 1982.

Our History

The Institute of Homeopathy James Tyler Kent (IHJTK) is a civil nonprofit organization, founded in 1986, whose purpose is the development and dissemination of Homeopathy, through outpatient social activities, education, research and scientific publications. Our mentor and teacher, Prof. Dr. Alfonso Masi Elizalde, in a coherent and practical way, worked tirelessly to find a method that propitiated a better understanding and attention to various constituent aspects of human beings in their physical, emotional, rational and spiritual nature, and thus constituted a targeted medicine for the individual considered under the highest instance of existential understanding. Our school had the invaluable guidance of this master until 2003, date of his death, but we continue to develop his work, expanding studies, spreading his ideas and promoting meetings between all of the schools that Masi Elizalde founded around the world. Four international meetings have been held since then, with the participation of his several disciples from Latin America and Europe.

The Kentian School, of the IHJTK, where Masi taught continuously for 23 years, held the Masi Elizalde Journeys - Homeopathy Project Without Frontiers, four times a year, in conjunction with the formation of homeopathic physicians during the same period. The material of these Journeys was videotaped (in Spanish) and has been organized and classified into categories - Technical, Philosophy and Materia Medica - are available in VIMEO (50% of the material will still undergo the same process). Masi Elizalde devoted his life to a thorough investigation and refinement of Hahnemann’s writings, incorporating concepts of the evolution of homeopathic thinking, using as references Allen (1989), Kent (1998) and Ghatak (1989). He adopted a model of understanding of the nature of human beings based on important elements of scholastic, classical and modern philosophy, which formed the foundation of his great legacy: The Miasmatic Dynamics and The Anthropological Reference Model, ushered in a decisive stage in homeopathic practice both from the point of view of the study of the Materia Medica as the enhancement of the Homeopathic Technique.

Who We Are

Drª. Elizabeth Valente President /

Drª. Lilia Albuquerque Managing

Drª. Marie Duniau CFO

Dr. Conrado Filho In Memoriam

Dr. Milton UngierowiczFounder

Dr. Erasto de Souza Founder

Dr. Conrado Mariano Tarcitano Filho

He had complete his training in Homeopathy at the Kentian School of Rio de Janeiro, from 1983 to 1986. He was an excellent student, and later continued as a distinguished and beloved teacher, becoming President of our institution. He created and participated actively in the Project Homeopathy without Borders, Masi Elizalde Lectures, which happened four times a year, from 1982 to 2003. He left us a huge legacy and example as a wonderful human being and as a partner totally dedicated to the development of Homeopathy.

What motivates us

In addition to seeking to improve the quality of life of our patients, our mission, vision and values are guides that guide the day-to-day life of people who are part of the Institute.


Support and spread homeopathy in Brazil, sharing ideas and knowledge.


Being a reference in the spread of knowledge between homeopathic physicians throughout Brazil, making Homoeopathy more accessible to all who need it.


We believe that the dissemination of knowledge is a pillar of the human growth.